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英PROG誌、 Readers' Poll 2018の結果(BBT関連)


英PROG誌の2018年、Readers' Pollの結果が雑誌で発表されたようで、SNSを通じて結果が少しずつわかってきました。で、BBT関連の話題を取り上げたいと思います。まず、2018年の英PROG誌、Band of the YearにBig Big Trainが選ばれました\(^o^)/。オメデトーございます.゚+.(・∀・)゚+.。これは、2017年のCADOGAN HALLのライブアルバムがリリースされたこともありますが、Night of the Progに初めて出演しすばらしい演奏を見せたことが大きいと思います。

Prog Readers Poll 2018

そしてMale Singer of the Year部門。David Longdonが1位となりました💗。イギリスではBBTのメンバーとなってから、着実にいつも10位内に入るようになっていますね。
Male Vocalist 2018

他のメンバーは、Dave Gregoryがギタリスト部門で7位、Greg Spawtonがベーシスト部門で6位、またThe Person of 2018というカテゴリーがあるのですが、こちらでも5位となりました。Nick D’Virgilioはドラマー部門で2位でした。

アルバム部門の1位はThe Pineapple ThiefのDISSOLUTIONでしたが、リカルド・ショブロムズ・ガングフライの”Friendship”も9位と健闘しました。リイシュー部門ではCosmograf(Robin Armstrongのソロプロジェクト)が8位となりました。


Dear all,

I’d like to thank all readers of Prog Magazine who voted and placed Big Big Train at the number one position in the 2018 band of the year category. We are absolutely thrilled and we look forward to performing for you at our UK live shows later this year.

Congratulations to my friends and colleagues in BBT. Dave Gregory who is at number 7 in the guitarist category, Greg Spawton who is at number 6 in the bassist category and also at number 5 in the Person of 2018 category. Congratulations also to Nick D’Virgilio who is at number 2 in the drummer category.

Congratulations to Rikard Sjoblom’s Gungfly who are in 9th place for ‘Friendship’ in the Album of 2018 category. If you haven’t heard ‘Friendship’ yet, you should do yourselves a favour and do something about that ~

Congratulations to Robin Armstrong (AKA) Cosmograf for being voted in 8th place in the Reissue category.

Event of the year went to ‘Night of The Prog’ at Loreley, Big Big Train are proud to have played a part in this.

In the Unsung Hero Category I’d like to congratulate Nellie Pitts (The Merch Desk) who is at number 2, Chris Topham (Plane Groovy) who is at number 9 and also Stephanie Bradley (along with Lucy Jordache) who are in the top spot.

I would like to congratulate Amy Birks who was voted in at the top spot in the Female Vocalist category. As most of you may know, Beatrix Players were our guests at The Anvil last summer.

I would also like to congratulate my friends Christina Booth (voted number 6 in the Female Vocalist category) and Rob Reed (voted in 9th place in the Keyboardist category)

Finally ~ I would like to congratulate and honour my peers, Steve Hogarth, Mariusz Duda, Joe Payne, Ross Jennings, Daniel Tompkins, Peter Jones, Paul Manzi, Jakko Jakszyk and Peter Nicholls in the 2018 Male Vocalist category. Thank you to those who voted for me and placed me at number 1.

I greatly appreciate it.



Prog Readers Poll 2018